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Test Subject
#151 Old Yesterday at 5:07 PM Last edited by Sa_Ra : Today at 2:39 PM.
I don't want to iterate what other have already said, so I'll just say there could be a tool like the room tool in ts4 but for defining the size and shape of a lot. That could be a cool level of customisation which would open up all sorts of possibilities(estates, for example).

edit: Also, allergies could be interesting?
edit 2: Ignore allergies, as SusannaG pointed out they are in fact in the game already.

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#152 Old Yesterday at 9:58 PM
i think allergies would be a nice addition,the game is meant to be realistic so we need more real things like that

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#153 Old Yesterday at 11:09 PM
Well, allergies to wildflowers were in Sims 3 Seasons. Did you mean that, or something else?
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