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Default Changing LerpDuration with Aikea Guinea No Drift Freecam Mod
I'm not sure if anybody really cares about this, but since it drove me crazy 3 days, I'm sharing the solution.

I have decided to start dabbling in machinima. In order to do that, the video camera ini file needs to be changed. No problem. However, what I didn't know is when the Aikea Guinea No Drift Freecam Mod is used, it doesn't allow for the LerpDuration time to be set. You can change the Lerp to whatever you want, but in game the camera will always move at 2 seconds. Once the mod is removed, the Lerp settings will set and the camera will behave it is should.

There is a simple tutorial here of how to combine the mod and the video camera ini changes into one. It's a matter of changing some of the numbers in the video camera ini files to match the No Drift Freecam Mod and it works. Camera slows down as it should with no crazy camera movements like what happens without the mod.

Basic camera modding and other things related to TS3 machinima can be found here.

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