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Nysha's New Creators for March - posted on 1st Apr 2018 at 9:00 AM
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Default By George! New Regency Playstyle Guide/Challenge
After reading the thread started by lauratje86 here: http://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=609165, I decided to release my Regency Playstyle Guide/Challenge which I have been sitting on for over a year. I didn't upload it before, because I'm not sure if many people play in this time period, or if anyone is interested; however, here goes, By George!

Note: I strongly suggest you download the challenge from the download link at the bottom of the post because it is laid out more clearly and easier to read - it is all here in this post but harder to read because it's not formatted.

This is my own original work. Please do not copy or upload the whole or part of this document and claim it as your own writing. Thank you.

By George!
A Sims 2 Regency Play Style Guide

~ by vllygrl ~
Set up and play the historical constraints of the British Regency Era.
Take your Sims from poverty to riches, middle class to nobility,
or from gentry to royalty! Play your neighbourhood as a rustic village, a bustling town; or even start from nothing and build up a proud city.

Goal: To create and play a Regency Period Neighbourhood

1st: Create your Regency Hood and choose your starting level.

This is a good play style for starting at Easy and gradually moving up one level at a time. Here are some possible starting suggestions -- you can use a hood you are already playing or create a new one just for this play style. Although not completely necessary, these EPs contribute tremendously to the complexity of the playstyle: University adds Influence points; Nightlife provides Outings; Seasons and Open for Business allow Farms and Shops; Apartment Life is helpful for Reputations. This play style can easily be combined with other challenges and play styles, such as the RKC, the ToT, Prosperity, BACC, etc.

1. Easy - start with Gentry & Professionals,
2. Middling - Gentry & Professionals and Middle Class,
3. Difficult - Gentry & Professionals, Middle Class, Aristocracy & a Royal Family (king + prince regent; + other royal family members as desired)
4. Extreme - add Working Class & Paupers to all of the above to finally include all 5 classes.

Guidelines for titles and occupations within each class:

1. Royalty & Aristocracy: royal family, lords, ladies, peers -- Duke, Duchess, Marquess, Marchioness, Earl, Viscount, Countess, Baron and Baroness; "old money".
2. Gentry & Professionals: baronets, knights, dames, gentlemen farmers, upper clergy, military officers, factory owners, architects, physicians, bankers, barristers; persons with large incomes.
3. Middle Class: lesser clergy, doctors, solicitors, teachers, ship owners, merchants, artists, self-made business men, civil servants; persons of moderate income.
4. Working Class: shopkeepers, innkeepers, publicans, craftsmen, artisans, builders, inventors, etc.; persons of low income.
5. Paupers: farm, fishery, factory and mine labourers, servants, soldiers, pensioners, paupers, vagrants, gypsies, criminals, outcasts and outlaws; persons of paltry income.

Difficulty Level & Community Type - Some Choices for Residential, Shops & Community Lot Types:
(*Your Choice: build or download all lots)

1. Easy - Village - 2-4 families
Small farms
Green Grocers
Tea Shoppe
Village Hall
Skating Pond

2. Middling - Town - 5-8 families
2-Story Houses
Wine & Spirits
Coffee House
Town Hall
Bowling Green
Football Field
Tea Rooms
Assembly Rooms

3. Difficult - City - 9+ families
Manor Homes
Slum Tenement
Sweet Shop
City Hall
Large Church
Magistrate's Court
Coffee House

4.Extreme - Kingdom - Create a Kingdom which includes a Village, Market Town, City, and Country Estates with 20+ families.
Country Estates
Bank Royal Court
Houses of Parliament

2nd: Create your Regency Families

using one of these 3 methods:

1. Use Sims you have already created.
2. Create new CAS families as you normally would.
3. Roll for your families Prosperity Challenge style - link to a handy Prosperity Challenge Randomizer here: http://mangaroo.com/sims2/randomizer_safe.php

Start-up Finances -- Homes & Bank Accounts:

Allowable Amounts for Buying a Lot, Home & Furnishings
Paupers 20,000
Working Class 30,000
Middle Class 40,000
Gentry & Professionals 50,000
Aristocracy 100,000
Royal Family 200,000

Bank Account Allowed after Building & Furnishing
Paupers 0
Working Class 100
Middle Class 1000
Gentry & Professionals 2000
Aristocracy 5000
Royal Family 10,000

Guidelines for Play -- Follow these Steps:

1. Play in Rotations, either by season or 1 - 4 day rotations per household.
2. The Heir is the first born son - he stays on the original lot unless the family's social class changes.
3. Strive to Better Oneself - some examples to begin; add more as you see fit:
a. Education - try to attain a degree; or max all skills; children get into private school, gain scholarships, and attend university.
b. Accomplishment - achieve one's lifetime want; go perma-plat.
c. Career - reach the top of one's career; top 2 careers, etc.
d. Financial Status - amass a fortune; buy a bigger house in a posher area.
e. Marriage - marry up into the class above one's own; marry into wealth.
4. Keep up Appearances -- even under dire circumstances, try to save face and maintain one's social standing when faced with financial ruin; "retrenchment" (cutting back on expenses) is an option when necessary, but families must try to continue entertaining and dressing to reflect their station in spite of forced economies as though nothing in their financial status has changed.
5. Do your duty to your country - Paupers, Working Class and Middle Class male Sims may volunteer as a foot soldier (free), or Gentry & Aristocracy may "buy colours" (pay 1000 to the highest ranking officer in the neighbourhood army) to become an officer - they may join the military, live in a barracks to serve a term of duty, or even engage in battle on specialized battlefield lots.
6. Social Events -- Schedule at least one per rotation: picnics; tea, garden, or dinner parties; country house parties; "The Season" parties, such as coming out balls, routs, theatre events, musicales, etc., (see chart below).

Household Social Events, Betrothals & Marriage

Paupers & Working Class - Family Dinners, Picnics,Tea parties, Attend Church Services, Short or no Betrothal; few or no guests; Simple Home or Chapel Wedding Ceremony

Middle Class - All of the above events, plus: Social Calls, Small Informal Dinner Parties, Church Weddings, Short Betrothal; Family/Close Friends Invitation List; Home, Chapel or Simple Church Ceremony; Wine Toasts, Simple Reception

Gentry & Professionals - All of the above events, plus: Large Formal Dinner Parties, Theater Event, Come Out (into Society), Obtain Vouchers for Almack's (Gentry & Nobles only) Medium length Betrothal; Modest Invitation List; Grander Church Ceremony; Wedding Breakfast, Sophisticated Reception

Aristocracy - All of the above Gentry events plus: Social Calls, Coming-Out Balls, Breakfasts, Routs, Musicales, Riding & Driving in the Park, Country House Parties, Be presented to the Queen, Brought Out into Society, Obtain Vouchers for Almack's (Gentry & Nobles only), Longer Betrothals or get a Special license; elope to Gretna Green when parental permission is denied or when the match is socially unacceptable; Impressive Invitation List; Grander Church or Cathedral Ceremony; Champagne Reception, Grand Wedding Breakfast

Royal Family - All of the above Aristocracy events plus: Balls at the Palace, State Dinners, Garden Parties, Exclusive Invitation List, Cathedral Ceremony, Champagne Reception, Lavish Wedding Breakfast

7. Social Standing is very important to social, business, financial and career success! Build up and maintain those family and friend relationships, Influence points and Reputations. Take advantage of every opportunity for social networking - here are some possible ideas for village or town clubs and societies which can create groups to assist Sims with that goal:

Social Groups
Clubs: purpose is for fun, gossip, socializing
Societies: purpose is to improve the tone of society
Committees: purpose is to improve the life of citizenry
Aristocracy, Gentry - Gentlemen: Gentlemen's Club; Founders Society: historical & genealogical; Village or Town Council: administer the municipality.
Professionals & Middle Class Men: The Guilds Club; Darwin Society: scientific; Chamber of Commerce: ensure the healthy growth of village business & industry
Aristocracy, Gentry - Ladies: Silver Needles Fine Needlework Club; Austen Society: literary & literacy; Ragged School: improve the literacy rate of the lower classes
Professional & Middle Class - Women: Nimble Thimbles Sewing Club; Nightingale Society: public health; Soup Kitchen: provide a Sunday meal and sanitary items to the lower classes

8. The Marriage Mart -- it is essential to obtain vouchers to Almack's for Gentry and the Aristocracy - this is where these important families will get those vital introductions to the most eligible brides and grooms. Middle and Lower Classes cannot be considered for entry to this exclusive salon.
Here's how:
a. Create 2-3 patronesses and their residence which includes a ballroom and supper room with a buffet, where the Assemblies will be held; and preferably a large Drawing Room where the patronesses may scrutinize and assess candidates - these are the "public rooms" of the house. Include private rooms in which the patronesses reside.
b. Hopeful mamas must be friends with at least one patroness, and their son or daughter must have at least a 20/20 relationship with at least one patroness in order to obtain "vouchers" which are invitations to assemblies.
c. Patronesses may bestow a voucher by personally giving a letter or invitation (use a suitable cc or buy catalog item) to the successful candidate to put into their inventory, or use Mog's Postal System to mail a postcard voucher to those they deem eligible.
d. Patronesses will hold balls when and as needed or as wished for by the player; they will use the House Party option, or create groups and use the Outings Just for Fun option to invite voucher-holding Sims to attend.
9. Maintain reputations and moral standards - Regency Sims must strive to be above reproach and untouched by gossip or scandal. Beware! - Gossip can topple even the loftiest of Sims; your enemies and rivals can and will use Gossip to bring you down! If too many Sims begin to gossip about a particular Sim, or if there are too many other distasteful interactions by a Sim, this can result in -- horror of horrors -- a scandal!

So, what constitutes a Scandal?

Minor Scandals:
Gossip, Brag, Prank, Dirty Joke, Insult, Lecture interactions - in public;
5 Sims gossiping about another Sim constitutes a minor scandal;
Any scenario which occurs during gameplay which shows a lapse of manners or good breeding, such as loud, excessive laughter, farting, or busting a move at a social event or in a public place, or a nervous breakdown (aspiration failure).

Consequences of a Minor scandal = the Sim and immediate family receive "the cut direct" (i.e.: be unrecognized and unacknowledged by acquaintances and friends) and must withdraw from Society (i.e.: no social events) temporarily (for one season/4 days) until gossip dies down. After this time they may re-enter society.

Major Scandals:
Irritate, Argue, Yell At, Push, Poke, Slap, Noogie, Throw Drink, Fight, interactions;
An unmarried miss unchaperoned in company with a male Sim, witnessed by even one other Sim;
Any of the Romantic Interactions in public between unmarried couples; or in private if caught in the act by even one other Sim;10 Sims gossiping about another Sim constitutes a major scandal;
Any affairs or indiscreet liaisons occurring as a result of ACR or otherwise which are witnessed by even one other Sim; break up of a marriage; out of wedlock pregnancy or birth of an illegitimate child.

Consequences of a Major scandal = the Sim and immediate family receive "the cut direct" (i.e.: be unrecognized and unacknowledged by acquaintances and friends) and must withdraw from Society (i.e.: no social events) for two full seasons/8 days, after which they may re-enter society; or the family is demoted by one social class and must try to rebuild their reputations and influence before they can seek to regain their former social standing.

10. Use random occurrence scenarios to add drama; here are some examples:
http://modthesims.info/showthread.p...25#startcomment (scroll to post #173).

11. Mods/Hacks/Cheats: My game is modded to the hilt - feel free to use mods, hacks & building cheats, especially those that make things more difficult; but not those which improve a family's finances or social standing - this is frowned upon. Inheritances resulting from a death or ROS, however, are acceptable.

12. CC -- By all means, use period appropriate cc if you wish - I certainly do! Some great sites to find it are MTS, Plumbbob Keep, Victoria & George, Disemporium, & Shades of Pleasantview to name a few.

13. Scoring: The above list states Goals for setting up and creating your Sim Regency World, but as it is more a Guide for a specific playstyle which drives storytelling, there is no formal points system in this challenge. However, if you write a story about playing out the challenge and post it online for others to read, you will have succeeded admirably!

~ vllygrl ~

Disclaimer: Not for one minute do I imagine I have complete authenticity or 100% historical accuracy in this challenge! If you see any glaring omissions or dreadfully inaccurate information, please, let me know and feel free to adjust as you see fit. However, this is the Sims. I expect to play a game, just for fun, and in the process I may stretch reality, history or facts at any moment without warning. Thank you for joining me in the suspension of disbelief. Copyright: Vllygrl, please do not copy or upload the whole or part of this document and claim it as your own writing. Thank you.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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#2 Old 7th Apr 2018 at 3:05 AM
This is very cool! Thank you I'm going to give this a test shortly when I boot up my game for the first time in 3 months!

Laugh as much as you choose, but you will not laugh me out of my opinion.

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#3 Old 7th Apr 2018 at 5:07 AM
You're very welcome, and thank YOU, Cupcakeyy - you're such a well-known Regency sims player, I'm honoured to have you think so! I love your Simbury tales and I have so many of your clothing creations in my Regency game! Please let me know how it goes - 3 months is a long time to be away from your game, but I'm so glad you're feeling better.
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